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Keeping pets healthy during hot weather

by Jun 10 2011
Keeping pets healthy during hot weather 03 June 2011 Extra care should be taken to protect pets in the current hot weather, Defra’s Chief Vet Nigel Gibbens said today. In a statement issued jointly with the RSPCA and British Veterinary Association, Mr Gibbens urged the public to think about the effects of hot weather on their pets and to take the right steps to ensure their welfare. ... [More]
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Horse owners warned to prepare for Hendra season

by May 10 2011
Horse owners warned to prepare for Hendra season  Wednesday, 04 May 2011 The Australian Veterinary Association is warning horse owners to take precautions against Hendra virus as the season for infections approaches. “There are still lots of gaps in our knowledge about how Hendra virus spreads, and we don’t know what effect the recent record wet weather will have,” said D... [More]
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From the racetrack to retirement

by Mar 31 2011
From the racetrack to retirement  The American Association of Equine Practitioners has developed guidelines to help veterinarians and adoption groups successfully transition retired racehorses to new homes and new careers. "Transitioning the Retired Racehorse: Guidelines for Equine Practitioners, Adoption Organizations, and Horse Owners" provides an overview of the common physical challeng... [More]
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